Covid vaccination update 15/03/2021

There was much excitement at Saturday’s clinic when we vaccinated our 10,000th patient (see photo below - patient consent given).

This is an amazing achievement in the 2 months we have been giving the vaccination.

Figures for Shoreham and Southwick to date:

How many in Group 5 not yet invited 15

How many in Group 5 vaccinated 1595

How many in Group 6 not yet invited 47

How many in Group 6 vaccinated 2587


Current cohort to be invited

We have been asked by the NHS to vaccinate cohort 9, which are the 50-54 year olds.  Whilst we are starting to contact this group, we will also send text message invites to those aged 55-69 who have not been to the Brighton Centre for their vaccine yet.


Next clinics

Saturday 20th March and Saturday 27th March.  Invitations for these clinics would have gone out via text, please do try to book via the link.  We will contact you by phone if you haven’t booked an appointment. 


The much awaited 2nd vaccinations

We are starting to get information come through on the 2nd vaccinations.  Invitations will be going out shortly.  These will be sent by text, but we will always follow up with a phone call for those that do not have mobile phones. 


2nd vaccinations appointments going forward

We have now been advised that we can book your 2nd vaccination appointment at the time that you are having your 1st vaccination.  Our admin team will give you your appointment during your first vaccination appointment.  Please do not call the surgery to book your 2nd vaccination.  


Patient survey on covid vaccine clinics 

Our GP federation (IPC) has linked up with HealthWatch West Sussex to gather information using a wide-ranging survey regarding patients’ experience of the vaccination programme thus far.  The patient survey is open until 31st March 2021 - click here for responses:

We hope that the feedback will be useful in generating ideas for future alterations to how sites manage bookings or general communication options.


Thank you

We want to thank everyone for their patience, we understand that everyone is anxious to receive the vaccine, but we are making good progress.

Will also want to thank all the staff working at the covid clinics and the staff working in the practices who are fielding phone calls from anxious patients. 

Remember, after your first vaccine you are still at risk or a risk to others.  Please continue to wear your mask and adhere to social distancing rules.  We are still currently in a national lockdown. 

Many thanks,

Adur Health Partnership

10,000 covid vaccine